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Reference in pv systems for businesses and industries

We are a firm specializing in solutions for the energy transition and the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption for industries and companies of different sectors, communities, energy, and residential areas. We support companies, institutions in the design, development, and decision making strategies for their energy transition. With almost two decades of experience in the sector, Voltfer promotes and runs photovoltaic installations on a turnkey basis, from the initial design to the commissioning of the same. We have a highly qualified technical team that studies, designs and plans for each installation, providing energy solutions to more efficient market to maximize the profit for our customers.

We accompany the energy transition of your company, focusing on solutions for self-consumption

Self-consumption photovoltaic industrial

We are specialists in the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption for companies and industries in different sectors.

Energy Service company

We provide 100% renewable energy at a very competitive price and we take care of the application and processing of grants.

Pv installation residential

We develop photovoltaic installations for self-consumption on a turnkey basis, both in single-family homes as well as in communities of owners.

Electric mobility

To make the leap to the mobility eleéctrica we include in our portfolio of services for the installation of chargers for electric vehicles.

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Energy services

100% renewable energy

Energy consulting

Measurement and control of consumption


 Photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, for individuals

Photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaic systems for business and industry

Electric Mobility

Charging facilities for hire

Communities energy

Development environments energy

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Aira Potencia: 166 KWp Producción: 207.500 KWh/año Tiempo de ejecución: 3 semanas

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